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Amazon API Gateway

Developing, monitoring, and securing scalable APIs

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we leverage Amazon API Gateway as a clean, simple front door for frontend or mobile applications to access data, business logic, or functionality from backend services. 


This consistent REST API layer is a well-understood industry best practice that allows you to utilize technologies on your backend such as AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, or other AWS services securely and reliably.


A fully managed service, API Gateway supports web applications as well as containerized and serverless workloads.

Advantages of
API Gateway

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Accelerated Development
Amazon API Gateway allows our development team to rapidly create, iterate, test, and release new versions of APIs — increasing your time to market.

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Reduced Costs

With no minimum fees, startup costs, or upfront commitments, Amazon API Gateway provides tiered pricing so you can decrease your costs as your API usage scales.

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Performance at Any Scale

To provide low latency for end users and ensure traffic spikes do not disrupt backend operations, we use Amazon API Gateway to throttle traffic and authorize API requests and responses.

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API Gateway offers flexible security controls, including AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Amazon Cognito for authorizing access to your APIs.

API Gateway is one of many Amazon services we excel at leveraging to help our clients launch new services faster as they scale and grow.


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