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Client Case Studies:


Quickbox is one of the largest private fulfillment companies in the US. As a fulfillment operator, Quickbox leverages SaaS solutions for a significant portion of their operations and has not had a dedicated technology team in house. As their business scaled, the Quickbox leadership realized that technology inefficiencies, friction points, and vendor relationship were limiting the company’s ability to scale. This led Quickbox to reach out to Commerce Architects for assistance. Commerce Architects was able to engage and help Quickbox with both IT leadership as well as implementation of custom cloud native applications to provide process and operational efficiencies for the business.



As a cutting edge technology startup in the real estate investment space, Entera engaged Commerce Architects to perform a review of their AWS account setups and provide best practices recommendations. After a brief assessment period, a series of recommendations were provided within focus areas that Entera had indicated were pain points with the current solution. We went on to make functional changes in their AWS implementation to resolve tactical needs that were impacting their environment.



In 2015, H-E-B had an eCommerce application that required some performance and reliability improvements. A number of companies, including Commerce Architects, were brought in to assess whether the application was salvageable, or if it required a complete rewrite. While a competitor wanted to throw it all away and rewrite everything, we performed a comprehensive review of the application and concluded that H-E-B could refactor and optimize the current application for a fraction of the cost. After choosing our approach, we proceeded to deliver a stable, upgraded, and refactored application on time and under budget. This successful implementation was a relief following some challenging interactions with previous integrators. As a result, we have been the trusted systems integration partner for the H-E-B eCommerce business for the past 4+ years.


In April, 2010, Bodybuilding.com selected Commerce Architects to implement a custom ATG Commerce site to replace their existing, home-grown eCommerce site, which had been in operation for over 10 years. After an on-time and on-budget implementation, we built international features allowing the creation of 160 country-specific stores, created REST services to enable a mobile shopping native app, and introduced an A/B testing framework. The ability to quickly roll out these new features helped grow revenue by over 3x over the following 5 years. We continue to be a trusted partner and provide expertise to build new and complex features.



Vitamix chose the Oracle Commerce platform to enable expansion of their brand in the global marketplace. Choosing a commerce platform is a major decision, but choosing an integration partner is equally important. Out of the handful of System Integration (SI) firms vying for this business, Vitamix chose to partner with Commerce Architects and Cirrus10. Both the platform and SI decisions turned out to be wise ones—the application was delivered on time and under budget. The initial site launch was in Germany, Ireland, and the UK. That launch went so smoothly that a launch to the US and Canada happened just one week later.


American Apparel

American Apparel, a global fashion and retail brand, utilizes Oracle Commerce to support their eCommerce business. As a brand with name recognition around the globe, American Apparel chose a best-of-breed eCommerce platform on which to build a unique, international customer experience. Our team was able to help solve some tactical issues with the initial implementation and then work with American Apparel as a trusted partner to enhance and extend their use of Oracle Commerce.



NutriSystem came to us for help when getting ready to launch their new ATG Commerce site. After we analyzed the application, we discovered it was not ready to launch, and helped them refactor and configure the application for production. This work included rewriting how their subscription order service worked and tuning the site for production load. Once the application was launched, we started to optimize site performance. One of the first big post-launch features was an A/B test framework, which allowed NutriSystem to intelligently evolve the site based on testing results. Over the next year and a half, we continued to assist with development projects including an analytics implementation, a site redesign, and an integration to sell gift cards in Costco stores.


Leapfrog hired Commerce Architects to finish an Oracle Commerce implementation for leapfrog.com that had run into problems. We joined their internal team and worked to ensure completion of a production-ready eCommerce site. This work included feature development, providing app store functionality on Leappad devices through integration with Oracle Commerce, bug fixing, and performance optimization to ensure delivery in time for the holiday shopping season.


Commerce Architects helped backcountry.com leverage Oracle Commerce 10 to deliver a multi-site commerce platform. The backcountry.com team was new to Oracle Commerce and our team provided guidance, training, and experience to build and customize the platform. Commerce Architects partnered with backcountry.com’s development team to plan and implement a multi-site platform to host both backcountry.com and competitivecyclist.com.

Clients We Have Worked With

Clients We Have Worked With:

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