American Apparel, a global fashion and retail brand, utilizes Oracle Commerce to support their eCommerce business. As a brand with name recognition around the globe, American Apparel chose a best-of-breed eCommerce platform on which to build a unique, international customer experience. Our team was able to help solve some tactical issues with the initial implementation and then work with American Apparel as a trusted partner to enhance and extend their use of Oracle Commerce.

In August 2012, American Apparel needed a deployment specialist to configure their ATG 10 application for production deployment. This 4-week project included:

In August 2013, we returned to American Apparel to take over for a struggling system integrator. Too much time was being spent fire-fighting production issues, while new features were not being implemented quickly enough. We diagnosed and solved the production issues, which ranged from an Apache-JBoss connector issue to an inability to deploy BCC projects under load.

Once the site was stabilized, we work to rapidly develop and release new features. A PayPal integration was first on the list, followed by launching additional localized regional stores with localized currencies and translations. Customizations were made to the BCC and in-BCC preview was set up to enable the business to quickly merchandise new products across 18 countries and 9 languages. Scenarios, targeters, and content groups were set up to allow the business to easily manage content, featured products, and dynamic categories.

Additional work included:

Services Used: Oracle Commerce Web Development, Deployment and Performance Tuning

Additional Case Studies:

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