As an Oracle Gold Partner, Commerce Architects regularly meet with the internal Oracle teams so that we can continue to deliver on projects using the recommended best practices.


Oracle ATG Web Commerce

In order to maximize the value of ATG Personalization, we design sites using data-driven templates where the data can be delivered as the output of targeters and/or slots. This design enables business users to use ATG Content Administration to make real-time changes to a live production site.

Oracle Commerce As a Service

We have exposed Oracle Commerce transactions as services at various clients, including Walmart Canada,, and another grocery chain that is in the top 20 revenue-generating, privately-held companies in the United States.

Customized Training

Our training material has been developed over the past 10 years and incorporates our best practices for ATG development. This rigorous and challenging training is a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on exercises.

A/B Testing and Personalization

The ability to test the effect of site changes on conversion rate enables the business to continuously improve the site and drive revenue. By conducting A/B tests on a target segment of users, you can determine what content/price/promotion works best for that type of user.

ATG Content Administration

ATG Content Administration provides business users with the ability to safely modify and deploy data without help from developers or a release management process. This both empowers the business user to actively manage the site, and frees up developers to focus on building new functionality.

Deployment and Performance Tuning

When it comes time to launch an Oracle ATG Web Commerce application, our engineers will guide you through the process. We have developed a set of best practices for deployment that includes guidance on application structure, build propagation through environments, and server management scripts.

ATG Commerce Search

ATG Commerce Search and Search Merchandising provide powerful tools to help your customers quickly locate products on your site and for marketers to target products to customers in different segments by combining natural language search, faceted refinements by product attributes, and dynamic navigation across your product catalog.

We provide ATG experts to build a solid foundation for your e-commerce application.
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