American Apparel

American Apparel

In August 2012, American Apparel needed a deployment specialist to configure their ATG 10 application for production deployment. This 4-week project included:

  • updating the application and build scripts to allow American Apparel to build and deploy a single set of EAR files to all environments
  • writing scripts for deploying the applications to staging, preview and production environments
  • writing the server start and stop scripts for all environments
  • configuring ATG search administration and indexing
  • configuring the applications for ATG scenario functionality
  • configuring repositories for switch deployment
  • setting up the ATG BCC preview environment
  • configuring BCC to have the preview and production workflow targets, and the staging one-off deploy target

Doing the above analysis and implementing these tasks allowed American Apparel to have a successful launch.

In August 2013, American Apparel requested we come in and take over for a struggling system integrator. Too much time was being spent with production fire-fighting, and new features were not being implemented quickly enough. We diagnosed and solved the production issues, which ranged from Apache-JBoss connector issues to an inability to deploy BCC projects under load. Once the site was stabilized, we started cranking out new features. A Paypal integration was first on the list, followed by launching additional localized regional stores. We have continued to enable them to make the most out of their Oracle Web Commerce investment by training their internal developers, and training and organizing the content team that uses the BCC on a daily basis.