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Kodak Gallery
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At Kodak Gallery we were recruited to help finish up development on a new ATG Commerce site, and help to get the site launched. This project required expertise in ATG Commerce, ATG Content Administration 9, ATG Fulfillment and ATG Commerce Assist.

Since January 2009, we have been engaged with Kodak Gallery with between one and three developers at a time. This engagement model was a hybrid team of developers from Commerce Architects and one additional integrator. The work was performed on-site at the Kodak Gallery office.

Prior to launch, we built the business logic for selling customizable items with ATG Commerce. In addition, we built the workflows and data loading processes for deployment of data from an ATG 9 Content Administration server to ATG 2006.3 Commerce targets. The improvements in the ATG 9 Content Administration application are truly impressive and make this product a pleasure to work with. After launch, some issues were discovered with the implementation of the ATG fulfillment system. As a result, we re-wrote the core of the fulfillment process plus utilities to assist when any fulfillment issues arose. Finally, we implemented ATG Commerce Assist for Kodak Gallery to manage orders.