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Welcome! We're glad you're here.

Welcome to the brand new Commerce Architects blog. We're very excited to bring you content in this way.

So why, in 2022, when there is a cornucopia of technical content and existing blogs on the Internet, did we decide to start a blog? The short answer: we have some things to say.

One of Commerce Architects' key pieces of DNA is a passion and drive for technology and high-quality and effective consulting. We found that our teams are developing knowledge, patterns, and a depth of expertise in a large number of areas that we feel would be beneficial to clients to understand.

We will be focusing our blog on two major areas...

If you know us at all, you know we are passionate about technology and helping companies create highly scalable multi-billion-dollar ecommerce solutions that just work - all day, all night, and all peak season. We believe that deep technical knowledge is king and our teams know the details on Java, Node, Typescript, Enterprise application development, ultra-high scalability, and cloud-native designs and patterns. If we aren't going to provide exceptional expertise, we aren't going to try to work in that technology or area. So come back and check in; you may learn something.

We also strongly believe that there is a better way to provide consulting services. We are committed to partnering with our clients to help them elevate their software engineering and delivery and help them capture opportunities in their market. Commerce Architects was founded to provide more transparent, honest, and high-value work. We have seen many consulting companies low ball proposals to get a foot in the door expecting to let the project run over time and budget. We've also seen companies bring in resources that have no depth and are just hacking away at the product that they are building for the client. We know there is a better way, and we demonstrate that in our work with clients ongoing. We will publish articles on this blog about how we differentiate our work and some of the secrets and practices that let us be so effective.

Looking Forward

You can look forward to blog posts on the following topics in the coming months:

  • WAFR Changes for 2022

  • Sustainability at Commerce Architects

  • Advantages of using a Boutique Consultancy

  • Real-World Uses of GraphQL

  • Data Patterns and OOP: Real-World Examples

  • Delivering Large Projects

  • Infrastructure as Code for API Gateway

  • Multi-tenancy Approaches

  • AWS Application Configuration Best Practices

Check back often to see what is new, or sign up to receive a notification when a new blog is live. We also encourage you to suggest topics you would be interested in getting our take on.

We are excited and looking forward to sharing more of our expertise with you in the future.


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