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We Provide Expertise
To Keep Your Business
At Its Best

Commerce Architects regularly meet with the internal Oracle teams so that we can continue to deliver on projects using the recommended best practices.

Select one of our three main areas of service to learn more:

eCommerce Strategy

One of the greatest assets that our company brings to clients is an incredible depth of experience in the eCommerce industry. Much of our team has 20 or more years of experience building, assessing, optimizing, and testing eCommerce solutions. We have worked across a broad range of industry verticals and understand both core eCommerce concepts and subject area specifics, such as in nutritional supplements, grocery, digital fulfillment, and direct response marketing. This expertise allows us to help identify and provide insight to eCommerce customers across all industries.

The depth of experience that Commerce Architects brings to the table allows us to provide industry-leading feedback and recommendations around reducing customer friction in conversion paths, insights into A/B and multivariate testing, SEO, and feedback around customer engagement strategies. Improvements in these areas can have a dramatic effect on conversion rates and allow for increases in top line revenue.

Additionally, we are adept at helping customers look at the entirety of their sales funnel from cost of acquisition of a customer or lead through to conversion. Understanding the acquisition costs of new customers combined with lifetime value, basket size, and conversion impact as well as coupon and discount utilization can provide customers with a wealth of knowledge to inform spending around marketing in various channels. This allows for a data driven approach to new marketing campaigns and an analytical ability to review the success of programs based on the financials for the sales channel.

These hard won insights come from years of experience working with customers across a broad range of vertical markets as well as go to market strategies. This allows Commerce Architects to provide on-demand insight that its very challenging for customers to acquire in house.

Software Development Lifecycle or Program Management Review

At the core of any eCommerce company is the ability to complete technology projects in a timely manner and in a priority that supports the business. Our team has an unparalleled depth of experience in helping deliver large scale projects for companies of all sizes. Through our Software Lifecycle and Program Management review services, we review business processes in these areas and provide insights into where the most benefit can be gained from changes, and in what areas a business is excelling compared to other companies.

The software development lifecycle review assesses the approach that a software team uses to bring an idea from concept to its customers. We consider areas of the process such as feature intake, requirements gathering, waterfall or agile methodologies, testing and test automation, and software release to production. We also can provide feedback around mean time between failures as well as process impact on the business and the speed of feature development. With decades of experience in both traditional waterfall and agile development approaches, we have the experience to provide objective feedback and to recommend meaningful improvements that can be made to a team’s approach. As a best practice, we drive the teams we work with toward iterative delivery and transparency to allow business stakeholders to see progress towards milestones.

In addition to a technology-focused review we can also provide a comprehensive assessment of the business processes that drive and inform a company’s software development methodology. This includes how a business approaches strategic planning and how various departments plan, coordinate, and come together for go-to-market product activities or marketing launches. Inefficient or poorly-coordinated strategic planning can not only cause a missed market opportunity, but the downstream impact of priority changes and reactionary decisions can create significant opportunity costs in complex or long lead time areas such as technology or supply chain work. Through discussions and interviews with various business stakeholders across a number of aspects of the business, we provide an objective review and assessment of the strategic planning approach, provide recommendations for areas of improvement, and highlight exceptional areas that are an opportunity for differentiation.

Digital Customer Experience Strategy

In today's crowded digital world the way in which customers interact with a brand across multiple channels can have a significant impact on engagement and the customer’s perception of a company. With our extensive experience in eCommerce during its evolution and maturity, and our work with large enterprises and multinational brands, we can help review how your omnichannel customer experience is structured and help to provide insights and suggest changes that will yield a roadmap to ensure consistency in your customer engagement and maximize the impact of your digital marketing approach.

This kind of engagement focuses around a number of aspects of an omnichannel strategy. We will evaluate all of the customer digital interaction points from web properties to mobile apps to social media. Additionally we consider standard metrics like AppDex scoring, Alexa ranking, and, if available, customer engagement data such as average time on page, time on site, and repeat visit time. We review customer feedback for mobile applications as well as some less tangible areas such as completeness of Single Sign On and account management for customers across multiple channels.

From all of this information, as well as appropriate interviews with business leaders, we provide a health report of the overall customer experience when interacting with your brand. We highlight areas that provide strong brand engagement as well as giving insight and information around areas that could be adjusted to streamline and improve omnichannel engagement. Wherever possible, all recommendations are ranked with information about the potential improvement or impact of this change.