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We Provide Expertise
To Keep Your Business
At Its Best

Commerce Architects regularly meet with the internal Oracle teams so that we can continue to deliver on projects using the recommended best practices.

Select one of our three main areas of service to learn more:

Oracle Commerce Web Development

One of our core services, and the most value-added for Oracle Commerce clients, is the deep expertise that we bring to implementing, customizing, and extending the Oracle Commerce platform. This platform is a key investment that customers have made in the success of their eCommerce strategy, However too often they are unable to take full advantage of its capabilities due to the complexity of the platform and often substandard knowledge and quality from some systems integrators. Our engineering teams have a proven track record of helping customers create industry-leading eCommerce experiences, whether that means managing multiple micro-brands and focused experiences via one platform, creating strong brick-and-mortar connection with online sales such as curbside pick up, or implementing a global commerce experience with country-specific catalogs and local currency pricing.

We regularly help large enterprises deliver on their vision of how Oracle Commerce can drive their business. We deliver the highest level of expertise in our engineering teams who work in concert with in-house Oracle Commerce veterans who have decades of experience executing at the highest level for clients. We we have an industry reputation for being called upon to help resolve intractable issues with a project or launch, often when a less competent systems integrator is involved. If you have a desire to get the most out of your Oracle Commerce investment, deliver cutting edge features, or find efficiency in your existing installation, we are the right partner for you.

REST Services Development

While Oracle Commerce is powerful in its own right, it truly becomes a driver for eCommerce and omnichannel growth when its capabilities are exposed to other digital experiences such as mobile applications, Javascript single page applications, or other web applications. REST services are a standard way of delivering dynamic eCommerce data and we have extensive experience building REST services with both the legacy and new Jersey REST frameworks in Oracle Commerce.

Our teams are well-versed in implementing semantically consistent and standard REST services for all Oracle Commerce services such as cart and checkout, catalog search and browse, and account management. We have implemented REST services on Oracle Commerce at clients including Walmart Canada,, a large fashion retailer, and a super regional Grocery chain.

We also have experience integrating Oracle Commerce with external third-party and cloud-based REST and XML services. The services were designed for maximum performance and throughput with modern functionality like socket connection pooling, schema validation, and circuit breaker logic.

A/B Testing, Personalization and Conversion Optimization

We are constantly striving to increase conversion rates for all our clients. We have extensive experience building custom A/B test frameworks as well as integrating A/B and multi-variant SaaS testing systems to allow for side-by-side comparisons of changes to optimize conversion. Whenever possible, we will conduct user testing before rolling out new features to get the best initial solution, and will then iterate from there using A/B testing.

Showing the right content and products to a given audience can greatly increase conversion. Personalization solutions range from simple segment-based content targeting to more complex, activity-based, machine-learning driven personalization solutions. We have built these ourselves in some cases, and integrated SaaS solutions in others. As SaaS solutions have become more robust, they are now often the best choice. With Oracle Commerce, an easy way to achieve the “crawl” phase of the crawl-walk-run path is to set profile data, build segments, and use targeters and targeter filters to personalize content or products for a given segment.

The ability to test the effect of site changes on conversion rate enables the business to continuously improve the site and drive revenue. By conducting A/B tests on a target segment of users, you can determine what content, pricing, and promotions work best for each of your user segments.

Oracle Commerce Training

One of our goals as an Oracle Commerce integrator is to help our clients establish a solid internal team that can maintain and extend their Oracle Commerce implementation going forward. To this end, we have developed custom training for Oracle Commerce for both development teams and business users. This training is grounded in the extensive experience that our teams have in working with Oracle Commerce at a wide range of clients.

Our training material has been developed over the past 10 years and incorporates our best practices for Oracle Commerce software development. This rigorous and challenging training is a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on exercises. Our training for developers who are completely new to Oracle Commerce generally runs for two to three weeks, but can be customized to the needs of each team or client.

We will tailor our training to a client’s specific needs. This might mean a three-day crash course for new development teams, deep dives into specific areas of the product, or a high-level survey of the entire Oracle Commerce ecosystem.

Search Optimization and Tuning

Oracle Commerce Guided Search and Oracle Commerce Experience Manager (formerly Endeca) provide powerful tools to help your customers quickly and logically navigate to products on your site. Marketers are able to target products to customers in different segments by combining natural language search, refinements by product attributes, and dynamic navigation across your product catalog.

We have experience optimizing and tuning critical areas of Guided Search and Experience Manager. Some critical areas where we have been able to achieve significant performance improvements for clients include the process of indexing your product catalog from Oracle Commerce to the Content Acquisition System, generating and deploying the search index, managing Experience Manager state between environments, and efficient use of cartridges within the platform.

Configuring and tuning natural language search results is also critical to a good customer experience. We can help with relevancy tuning and configuration of stemming, partial matches, synonyms, and multi-language search.

Deployment and Performance Tuning

Our team has nearly two decades of experience taking Oracle Commerce implementations from development and QA to a stable and well-performing production launch. We can guide you through the process with our deployment best practices that includes guidance on application structure, build and data propagation, production cluster setup, hardware sizing, and planning for post-launch bug fixing and enhancement. Targeted performance testing, cache tuning, and production configuration will ensure you get the most performance out of your Oracle Commerce implementation.

If you are current live on Oracle Commerce but not seeing the stability or performance and you expected, we can help troubleshoot production issues, tune caches, and identify code hotspots.

Some common Oracle Commerce issues we regularly help to resolve include:

  • Corrupt orders and commerce exceptions like ConcurrentUpdateException, InvalidVersionException, and RemovedItemException
  • Hanging threads and deadlocks involving multiple locking mechanisms such as database transactions, java monitors, and lock server locks
  • Out of memory errors due to excessive sessions or over-caching BCC performance issues
  • Slow Endeca indexing output
  • Logs filled with “normal errors”