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Well-Architected Framework Review

Be confident that you have the highest quality design possible.


You've built an application in AWS—everything is deployed and working.

Now you're being asked how you know you have chosen the right technology for the workload, and are only paying as much as you need to. There are so many options, and a myriad of decisions that go into a cloud application.

Enter the
Well-Architected Framework

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To better understand and evaluate the quality of a solution that uses AWS, Amazon provides their Well-Architected Framework. This methodology is a set of best practices and recommendations AWS has identified through their work with thousands of clients. When followed, these recommendations help ensure that your cloud solutions are benefitting from the experience which has been gained from previous customers using AWS.


The Well-Architected Framework breaks down the recommendations into a few areas that they call pillars, each covering a functional area of the solution design.

WAFR Pillars 03.16.2022

Make Well-Architected Framework a core part of your design principles for cloud architecture design.

Evaluation with a Well-Architected Framework Review

WAFR Process 03.16.2022

WAFR Workflow

As a Well-Architected Framework partner, we will work with your team to perform a review of your workload at no cost to you.

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The review will provide you with ranked recommendations for areas of improvement.

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We will work through a planning exercise with your team to define remediation steps to resolve issues.

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AWS provides financial incentives for remediating some of those issues which we will be glad to discuss with you.


Schedule your
Well Architected Framework Review

Schedule the guided, hands-on experience you need and discover for yourself how Commerce Architects & Amazon Web Services will help elevate your business.

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