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Commerce Architects


“We created Commerce Architects to change the narrative inside of ecommerce businesses. So companies have more conversations about delivering features—fewer about maintaining systems”.

We’re all engineers. Written software our whole careers. We share & sustain a bias for solid, well-engineered solutions. This is our DNA. It’s how we unshackle clients from the tyranny of disastrous software. So companies can focus on what they do best—sell ecommerce products. While we focus on what we do best—deliver ecommerce systems.

Ready to stop fighting fires & start delivering features?


Joe Conaty

CEO: I started in tech. Now I’m more of the relationships guy. This blend means I hear you, understand you and will serve you.


Stuart Kochmer

COO: Best practices. On time. Within budget. Everything delivered iteratively. For large or small projects. Count on it.


Jay Fennelly

CTO: Every client project will adhere to the highest standards. Every deliverable will improve how you sell
your products. That’s my job.


Khalid Khaliqi

Principal Architect: From initial design to-and-through final deliverables. I’ll stay involved, keep you informed, so you’ll feel like you ‘nailed it.’ That’s my promise.


Ryan Holliday

Principal Architect: Optimize, modernize & expand your ecommerce offerings. By migrating monolithic applications to cloud-based microservices.


Tom Steiger

Principal Architect: Architecture guidance for your enterprise dev team. Or a complete solution if you don’t have a dedicated staff. Either way, cloud-engineering for all.

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