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Enabling merchants to solve issues with precision

In any e-commerce application, data complexities and manual adjustments often lead to head-scratching questions: Why is the price of this one SKU different from all of its variants? Or, why isn’t this SKU available in this store location when it should be? Traditionally, when merchants encounter this type of unexpected behavior, they're forced to reach out to engineering, leading to productivity disruptions and inefficiencies across both teams.


We built MerchantIQ to change this dynamic.  Powered by a suite of AI agents, merchants are able to diagnose and resolve issues autonomously, eliminating the need for engineering intervention and minimizing disruptions to ongoing development. 

MerchantIQ harnesses the power of large language models (LLMs), Java Springboot, and cutting edge AI technologies. At its core lies agentic design – an approach where a dynamic swarm of intelligent agents collaborate seamlessly to troubleshoot and solve complex business challenges. Working together as one super agent, these autonomous agents continuously learn, adapt, and make rational decisions through a vast array of custom built software tools, APIs, and problem-solving patterns.  Implementing this solution involves a streamlined process, where Commerce Architects offers services to set up the application on your preferred cloud platform (AWS or GCP), integrate with the LLM of your choice, and potentially develop custom data discovery APIs as needed.


Say goodbye to delays and shoulder tapping disruptions – troubleshoot issues directly within the Merchant Center, without waiting for engineering support.


Eliminate context-switching and streamline operations, allowing both merchandising and engineering teams to focus on more novel opportunities.


Benefit from a personalized setup process, tailored to your cloud platform and data requirements, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

Unlock innovation and  unleash efficiency

Reclaim your team's time.

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Leverage our deep industry knowledge to navigate the complexities of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Right Sized

Benefit from a custom approach that’s as unique as your business challenges.

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We Got You

The right solution, on time, as promised.  If not, we’ll make it right.

Our Solutions


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