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MerchantIQ Connector for commercetools

Unlock the Power of AI Agents to Boost Productivity in Your Organization

Initially developed as a standalone solution, MerchantIQ harnesses the power of AI agents to enable merchandisers to autonomously diagnose and resolve issues. However, we recognized the potential for even greater impact by integrating these tools into commerce platforms.


The best commerce platforms offer retailers the flexibility to customize their operations to their exact specifications. With commercetools leading the charge in customizable solutions, we saw an opportunity to fully unleash MerchantIQ's capabilities. By embedding our suite of AI agents directly within the Merchant Center, retailers can now diagnose and resolve issues independently, without the need for engineering intervention. From problem identification to solution proposal and seamless deployment, MerchantIQ revolutionizes the commerce experience, minimizing disruptions to ongoing development.

See MerchantIQ in action

Video 1: Demo of Merchant IQ solving a product catalog problem with age restriction

Video 2: Demo of MerchantIQ solving a catalog problem around product availability

Video 3: Demo of MerchantIQ providing input on recent catalog changes

Ready to unlock the potential of MerchantIQ for your commerce platform? Let's connect and explore how we can enhance your operations seamlessly.

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MerchantIQ Connectors

Together, we can harness the power of AI Agents
to delight your merchandising and engineering teams.

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