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Amazon DynamoDB

Deliver seamless retail experiences and performance at any scale

Our team of expert developers leverages the Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL database service to build key-value and document databases with unlimited capacity. Ideal for high traffic applications, the service can support over 10 trillion requests a day with peaks greater than 20 million requests per second, over petabytes of storage. This ensures low latency and a seamless  experience for your customers.

Advantages of

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Scale Automatically to Fit Your Needs

While internet-scale ecommerce applications can overtax traditional relational databases, Amazon DynamoDB allows you to build modern, serverless applications that start small and scale globally. This means you can scale up or down automatically based on your needs, using design patterns for deploying shopping carts, workflow engines, inventory tracking, and customer profiles.

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Built-in Security

Offering secure backup and restore capabilities, Amazon DynamoDB allows you to secure data at rest with guaranteed reliability - with an SLA of up 99.999% availability.

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Perform Analytics and Gain Insights 

Amazon DynamoDB integrates with other AWS services so you can extract the most value from your data. Perform analytics, monitor trends, and gain insights from your data for continual improvement.


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