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Sustainability & The Well-Architected Framework Review

Faced with an increasing number of sustainability targets and ESG initiatives for reducing carbon footprints, CTOs, architects, developers, and operations teams are asking:



How can we minimize the environmental impact of running cloud workloads? 



The answer begins with understanding - and measuring - the energy consumption and the environmental impacts of the services you are using.

Sustainability and Cloud Architecture

Adopting cloud architecture for your applications already lowers your impact on the environment, from leveraging shared resources to streamlining operational efficiencies


Here are some of the ways you can do even more to optimize sustainability: 

  • Select an efficient programming language

  • Adopt modern architecture patterns

  • Use efficient data storage techniques

  • Deploy to correctly sized and efficient compute infrastructure 

  • Minimize requirements for high-powered end-user hardware

  • Use managed services

  • Reduce the downstream impact of your cloud workloads

Are you applying these sustainability design principles to your workloads?

A Well-Architected Review can uncover where you can improve.

How We Can Help: Expertise & Experience

With years of expertise architecting cloud workloads, our team employs the design principles of the AWS Well-Architected Framework to maximize the efficiency of your applications and reduce waste. This includes implementing best practices for improving sustainability.

Well-Architected Framework Review PDF (1).png

The Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework

The Sustainability-Focused Well-Architected Review

As an AWS Well-Architected Program Partner, we use the AWS Well-Architected Tool to review your architecture and help you implement scalable designs with a focus on both cost optimization and sustainability.

Make Well-Architected Framework a core part of your design principles for cloud architecture design.

Actionable Steps for Improving the Sustainability of Your Cloud Workloads

WAFR Process 03.16.2022

WAFR Workflow

The review provides clear steps and recommendations for meeting sustainability targets for your AWS workloads - at no cost to you.

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The review will provide you with ranked recommendations for areas of improvement.

Green Circle Arrow.png

We will work through a planning exercise with your team to define remediation steps to resolve issues.

Orange Circle Arrow.png

AWS provides financial incentives for remediating some of those issues which we will be glad to discuss with you.


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Sustainability-Focused Well-Architected
Framework Review

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