AWS Immersion Day

Application Modernization 

October 7, 2021

9am-1pm PDT • Virtual • 30 Attendees

Get the guided, hands-on experience you need to confidently migrate your application to a cloud native structure.

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Is your monolith system a scaling nightmare?

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Do you need a simpler solution to achieve operationally agility?

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Are you new to AWS and would like a hands-on guide?

An Application Modernization Immersion Day is the start you need.

AWS Immersion Day Program

Benefits of an Application Modernization Immersion Day

  • Right away, we'll get everyone on the same page through common cloud migration drivers, patterns, benefits & challenges.

  • We'll go through a team brainstorming session and get hands-on with standing up a monolithic application.

  • We'll break down a sample monolith application and incrementally modernize it through re-architecture, while leveraging cloud native services to tap into the full value provided by the cloud.

You'll be able to champion the value AWS could bring to your organization, even if you are not yet an expert.

Why Commerce


We'll be the partner you need.

We understand where you are with your monolithic application.  In previous lives, we've been there too.  So we get it.

Armed with decades of experience helping our clients integrate better practices and reliable software, you are able to focus on the more important things—and sleep better at night knowing we've got your back. Even better, as Amazon Network Partners, we have exclusive access to a variety of AWS-specific programs so that we can better serve you.

Have your questions or concerns in-hand. We will be the trusted advisor you need. An expert to be brutally honest with recommendations—based on mastery & experience.


Register for your AWS Immersion Day

Application Modernization 

October 7, 2021

9am-1pm PDT • Virtual • 30 Attendees

Schedule the guided, hands-on experience you need and discover for yourself how Commerce Architects & Amazon Web Services will help elevate your business.